Recently I purchased the game app Bad Piggies for my iPhone.  I've owned every game of angry birds and always found them fun to play.  That being said, they are no where near as fun as Bad Piggies.  It is truly an addicting and fun game to play.

As you can see in the preview below, this is far more of a strategy and thinking/skill game.  Angry Birds relies on somewhat of a luck factor.  You fling the birds, hope for a good bounce, etc.  With Bad Piggies there is a lot of trial and error as you build contraptions to get your little green guy to the finish line.  And, when you beat the levels, you can go into the sand box area and build and create whatever type of vehicle you want to navigate through the large maps trying to get star boxes.

What sets Bad Piggies apart is the creative freedom that it gives you.  There is more than one way to beat a level, and once you start the game, you can adjust throughout the level.  For example, you can fire rockets at different times, turn on/off engines, pop balloons to make you descend, etc.  It really is a fun game that is worth your $.99.