Memorial Day Weekend is coming up the end of this week, are you ready?  Besides getting ready for your picnics, camping and opening up the cabin, you also need to remember why the day exists.  Every year I forget to do my family duty until the last minute.  This year, you're helping me remember.  Since I'm blogging about it, I'm also getting it done earlier than ever before.

My father was a Veteran of Foreign Wars and I remember my mom proudly bringing his  metal star flag holder to the cemetery for members of the Carlton VFW to put a flag in for the Memorial Day service.  There were some sunny Memorial Days, but it seemed like there were more foggy, cold, rainy Memorial Days which added to the sadness of Taps being played while we were at the cemetery paying our respects to the dearly departed with the help of the local VFW.

I made a promise to my mom when she was gone that I would make sure there were flowers on their graves and that my dad's star was out to proudly hold the flag.  I failed in one aspect.  At first I wasn't ok with it, but I am now.  My mother always wanted REAL flowers at their grave site, but they are buried in Carlton and I live in Duluth, so it's hard to get up there on a regular basis and water them.  I had to resort to fake flowers.  However, at my husband's parents grave site we use real flowers and faithfully go every few days to water whatever the deer haven't eaten.

Whether you use fake or real flowers, it's the thought that counts.  It's the fact that you're making sure your loved ones aren't forgotten,  but do it now so you're not scrambling as you head out of town.  Or, if you use a florist to fill your cemetery basket, they are swamped right now, bring in your basket and give them adequate time.  Oh, and DON'T FORGET THE STAR FLAG HOLDER, if you have one that needs to be put out.

Just a friendly reminder to you, that helps ME get it done on time too!  Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend, y'all!

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