Be prepared to drool.

AMSOIL Arena has unveiled seven new concession items for the upcoming UMD Bulldogs hockey season and other various events at the venue.

The foods range from classics like pizza to dreamy ice cream treats. As always, the venue is continuing their focus on 'fresh ingredients and local producers' so we can all feast while enjoying a game or a concert.

I was lucky enough to get the chance to taste test a bunch of the new items before their debut next month. You can get your hands on the foods beginning Saturday, October 5th. Take a look at the new foods below.

(By the way - aside from the new foods, there will also be another change this year. AMSOIL Arena will be serving beer in 16 ounce cans in an effort to make service at the venue more efficient. This isn't bad news, though - there will be more varieties and options thanks to this small change.)

I can't wait to eat these treats again!

  • Townsquare Media Duluth

    Fish Tacos

    This staple includes beer-battered cod, red and green cabbage, tomatoes and an avocado poblano sauce. The tacos are served with chips and salsa. (I tried one and I already want another!)

  • Townsquare Media Duluth

    Hand-Dipped Corn Dog

    Yum! This take on a classic food is delicious. This item contains an all beef hot dog hand-dipped in a special corn meal batter and paired with a raspberry pepper jam.

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    Wild Rice Burger

    This delicious take on a burger contains a wild rice patty, made in Bovey, topped with roasted red peppers, spinach and melted cheese. Drool.

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    White Cheddar Mac & Cheese With Candied Bacon

    Enough said.

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    Buffalo Chicken Pizza

    This buffalo chicken pizza is topped with a mozzarella and bleu cheese crumble blend and celery and drizzled with ranch dressing. It's so good I had two giant pieces and am already dreaming of my third!

  • Townsquare Media Duluth

    Philly Cheesesteak

    This sandwich features a New York roast, onions, green peppers and two types of swiss cheese. My favorite part was the hoagie bun.

  • Townsquare Media Duluth

    Ice Cream Floats

    This one will take you back to your childhood! Enjoy vanilla Cedar Crest ice cream served with root beer or orange soda. You can't go wrong here.