This is the competition time of year for dancers and most of them have been or are about to be canceled. This is a competition for everyone, and free to join.

Jesse Paul Smith is doing something about that. He has come up with a website that dancers can still compete. The Worldwide Dance challenge pits two dancers against each other, doesn't matter what the style is, and lets people vote for the winner. The show has an American Idol/Dancing With The Stars feel to it but it has a lot of excitement about it.

The battles take place each Wednesday and Friday. First, the dancers do their thing. They are judged and one of them is Chasen Hampton from the Mickey Mouse Club, and the party. You watch the whole event on Facebook live, then you are directed to go to the website and vote. You are allowed to vote for 24 hours after the event. You can also watch the episode if you missed it.

With over 3000 taking part, this is a great way for the dancers to stay in competition form. If dancers want to compete, you need to make a video between 1 minute 30 seconds to 2 minutes long and send it into It's free to compete and free to watch.

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