Cue the creepy music - another alien sighting has been reported in the area. This time, the report comes from Orr, Minnesota.

This sighting occurred on March 11th. It happened around 10 p.m. This alien spotting only lasted about four seconds.

So what happened? The person who reported the incident says they were driving back to Orr from Minneapolis, talking on the phone at the time. According to their report, that's when they spotted a "craft" a couple hundred feet in front of their car and hovering about 150 feet above the road.

The "craft" is described as hexagon in shape with lots of multi-colored lights and different spinning parts. Once the car got closer, the craft disappeared at what is described as warp speed.

What makes this story even spookier is that the car lost radio satellite signal once it got closer to the supposed alien sighting. The reporter says this hasn't happened before, despite making the trip two times a week for the last year and a half. Ahhhh!

Orr, Minnesota is located about one hour and forty-five minutes north of Duluth.

Northern Minnesota seems to be a hot spot for alien sightings this year. Two different people have reported spotting a UFO in Cloquet. The latest one in the area happened in late January.

I keep a pretty close eye on the National UFO Reporting Center's website. I first discovered it a few months ago and since then, have checked it frequently because I am so intrigued with aliens. Ha! I always look out for sightings in Duluth, Superior and other areas nearby.

Where will the next alien sighting come from? Only time will tell.

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