Cloquet seems to be the hot spot for alien sightings these days.

A Northland resident has reported seeing a UFO. The sighting happened on January 21st of this year. (It wasn't reported until the end of February.)

According to the report, the alien sighting occurred for about four to five hours and the object had a changing shape throughout the duration.

The resident who reported this sighting to the National UFO Reporting Center went into great detail. He says he was looking at the stars with binoculars and when he went to look at the sky with the naked eye, there was a "visual texture covering the area" similar to paper being crumpled up and then laid out flat.

The object-in-question is described as large, stationary and without a definite shape. Surrounding the shape, according to the report, were "lots of very small pin dot lights and about 10 large white lights that did not flicker" like others in the area.

After about five hours, the object disappeared. However, the Cloquet resident has continually spotted it every weekend since, weather-permitting.

The person who wrote about the encounter says they can't find a logical explanation for the sighting and that "scares" them.

What's interesting about this UFO sighting is that it is the second one in Cloquet this year alone. Another Cloquet resident reported seeing an alien in January, just a few days prior to this report.

It will be interesting to see how many more alien sightings are reported this year and how that number compares to what we saw in 2018. More on that later!

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