With summer fast approaching, seasonal Northland businesses continue to open their doors to welcome customers again. This season, we've already seen the West Duluth Dairy Queen, and Gory's Hi-Hat open and the Portland Malt Shoppe announced long ago that it would open on May 1.

However, another seasonal favorite, a local business filled with nostalgia, remained silent on when they would open in 2024. That changed on Sunday, April 7, when A & Dubs made an unfortunate announcement on its Facebook page.

What Are A & Dubs Plans For The 2024 Season

A & Dubs, located at 3131 West 3rd Street in Duluth, has been open since 1950. Since 1978 it has been owned and operated by Syl and Sany Hantz, who have continued to provide the Northland with a traditional drive-in restaurant serving favorites like the Char Cheeseburger Basket, coneys with cheese, onion rings, amazing cold root beer, and more.

However, that tradition is sadly coming to an end. In their Facebook post on Sunday, Syl and Sandy announced there will not be an A & Dubs 2024 season.

They say that health concerns have made the day-to-day operation of their small "mom-and-pop business" not feasible. They also thanked all the loyal customers and employees who helped keep the drive-in tradition alive in Duluth:

This has been more than just a career. You all have become a part of the A&Dubs family. It has been our good fortune to have had 46 years serving the Twin Ports area as A&Dubs.

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The Northland Reacts

Not surprisingly, the announcement was met with many comments from the community. There was a lot of disappointment, but also an overwhelming amount of understanding and appreciation for what A & Dubs has meant for the area.

A & Dubs Restaurant in West Duluth, MN
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

"Sad news indeed.  Thank you for all your years of serving our community with your dedication to delicious food. Sending well wishes to you and your family. We will never forget A & Dubs!", was one of the over 325 comments posted as of Monday morning.

Another comment stated, "Aww so very sad, Thank you for the wonderful food and experience you provided all these years, many good wishes to you prayers that your health improves."

Rose Stewart-Hella added, "I have a great fondness and respect for the Kent family. Jim and Lois gave me my first job. It was in 1965, as a sophomore in high school. I learned so much from Jim and Lois, they worked so hard. I will miss the A & Dubs great food! My children will also, as the A & Dubs have become a family tradition."

So, it's a sad end to an era, and I also want to thank Syl and Sany Hantz for all the great years and memories and hope for a quick return to health.

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