It's gonna be HOT!  The National Weather Service says we will hit 95 degrees today, and the heat index will be up to 105 degrees.  How do you stay cool if you don't have air conditioning?  Here's some tips that have worked for me over the years.

1.  Bags of ice in your pants. Self explanatory.  Somewhat wet.

2.  Lie on the basement floor covered with a wet towel.

3.  Take an icy bath.

4.  Eat ice cream cone, have it run down your arm. It's what happens when it's this hot.  It melts so fast you get it all over your hands.

5.  If you're going to cook, do it on the grill.

6.  If it's really hot, put ice in your underwear while doing outdoor activities.

7.  Watch out for chafing,  have plenty of creams on hand.  Don't do any activity that might cause chafing.

8.  Carry extra underwear and deodorant with you.  You'll probably need both.

9.  Have a contest with the family to see how can hold 3 ice cubes in their mouth the longest.


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