I decided today that I should hang up my 3 employee of the month plaques.  People in the office have been giving me a hard time about having blank walls.   (When I was single, I never hung a picture...ever.)

Anyway, while I was hanging them, I noticed some strange similarities that got me thinking.  For some reason, I seem to shine during the winter months.  Here's why.

  1. I'm at work more, and fishing less.  Bosses like that.
  2. It's a quieter time in our business, others don't shine as much this time of the year.
  3. I'm inevitably the guy outside jumping vehicles to start them, or fixing cold, broken vehicles.
  4. I'm one of the few people in the building that forgets to take time off during the holidays, so I'm the only person working here.  I win by default.
  5. I spend less time drinking beer in the winter.  It makes me more productive.   Summer is another story.
  6. It's also darker, so I go to bed earlier, and don't wake up as crabby.
  7. Everybody else is grouchy in the winter, and I'm grouchy all the time, so I blend in better with the crowd.
  8. My co-host Cathy is usually having an operation done this time of year and is missing from work.  She's my biggest competition.

Also, it's worth mentioning that I win every 3 years.   So It's kind of like a leap year thing.   Hopefully see you in 2017.



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