I loved the Advent calendar that had the little pieces of chocolate behind each window.  I was a pretty simple candy eater as a child, anything with peanut butter and chocolate and I was happy.  I certainly didn't make my parents happy, they were always buying the Christmas candy we now call nostalgic and I would turn my nose up at it.  Like the gum drops in the picture, not a fan!  Check out this list, do you remember any of these, did you like them?  Do you have a memory of Christmas candy I didn't list?

  • Ebay/marigoldschocolate

    Milk Chocolate Santas

    I didn't mind the milk chocolate santas, but they were missing the peanut butter.  It was a glorious day when Reese's decided to start making their candy bars in shapes!

  • Ebay/leraplaksyva

    Marshmellow Santas

    These were very popular (at least with my mom).  Again, I turned up my nose because there wasn't any peanut butter involved.  She even tried to entice me by buying high class Russel Stover santas.  Evidently I was a hard to please kid!

  • Ebay/thecandybuffet

    Filled Red Raspberry Hard Christmas Candy

    I tried to like these, I really did!  I didn't mind the individually wrapped filled strawberry hard candies though.  Still not peanut butter and chocolate though!

  • Ebay/thecandybuffet

    Old Time Mix Hard Christmas Candy

    We ALWAYS had these and I could usually find some favorites like lime or grape.  But, there was always those mishaps when I would end up with an "icky" flavor and have to spit it out.  Seriously, how do you describe the flavor of a piece of lavender candy other than "icky" when you're 6?

  • Ebay/thecandybuffet

    Chocolate Filled Straws

    Ok, half way there.  These candies DID have chocolate in them, it was the "straw" part I wasn't fond of.

  • Ebay/preferredmart

    Cellas Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries

    There's a story behind these.  We heated our home with oil and during the holidays when the oil man would make a delivery they would give us a box.  I doubt that they do that anymore and frankly, I don't mind.  Remember these?  You'd bite into them and the clear liquid that surrounded the cherry would squirt out.  Um, yeah....not a fan.

  • Ebay/sweet4u2

    White Chocolate Peppermint Bark

    Looks festive, I'll give ya that.  I absolutely adore Peppermint Bon Bon ice cream, but unless it's gum peppermint anything isn't my fave.  However, if you remember Hot Air Candy I liked that, but again it involved chocolate.

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