UPDATE: The St. Louis County Sheriff's Office says Kenneth Scott Peterson has been located and safe, as of Tuesday afternoon (July 11th).

Please make note of this and see if you can help. The St. Louis County Sheriff's Office is asking for your help finding a missing male in the Meadowlands area. They sent out his photo and additional information on Monday afternoon (July 10th).

According to their press release, the man was last seen on Thursday (July 6th) walking from his home towards Highway 7 southbound. He was last seen around noon and was reported missing the following day when he did not return home.

At the time of his disappearance, he was wearing a black sweater, blue jeans and a baseball hat. The color of the baseball cap is not known. He also wears glasses so it is possible he was wearing them the last time he was seen as well.

As for other identifying information, the missing male is five feet and eleven inches. He is described as having an "average" build with brown hair and facial hair. He is fifty-one years old and is named Kenneth Scott Peterson.

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If you have any information on Kenneth or his whereabouts, you are asked to contact the St. Louis County Dispatch at 218-742-9825. It is not known at this time where he might be headed. Help spread the word. Meadowlands is less than an hour from the Duluth area.

Late last month, the St. Louis County Rescue Squad shared sad news: they abruptly lost the "matriarch" of their team, a retired sheriff's deputy sergeant named Debra Slatten. She was the wife of Captain Rick and was greatly tied to the rescue squad. Our thoughts are with the St. Louis County Rescue Squad at this time.

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