We're always told to remember the REAL spirit of the holidays.  That would include helping your neighbors and those in need in our community.  There are several ways to do this, through the Salvation Army.  Not only will it be appreciated beyond words, but will leave you with an incredibly wonderful warm and fuzzy feeling of helping others.  Here's some ideas for you and your family to choose from.


The Salvation Army says it only takes 5 teams of 2, working 2-hour shifts from 10a-8p to manage a red kettle for a day. It does the heart good to volunteer. Can you spare 2 hours of your day to help? There are lots of locations around Duluth and the surrounding areas that host the red kettle bell ringing. Some are indoors, some are outdoors.

Dependable volunteers that are friendly are needed to ring bell to raise money for our area families in need this holiday season. You don’t have to do it alone, groups, businesses, civic organizations, families and churches are encouraged to participate in the Red Kettle Campaign.

Physical Requirements:

Bell ringing with a warm smile can be done standing or sitting, indoors or outdoors, depending on the location. A bell or maraca will be provided.  Call Jill or June to sign up: 218.722.7934.


It’s hard to picture a family living in conditions that are without heat, but that happens in the Northland. As our temps drop, and the economy worsens, people begin to wonder if they can keep the heat on in their homes. The Salvation Army has a program to help, it’s called Heat Share and you can help.


What is HeatShare?

HeatShare helps families in need by providing year-round emergency assistance for their heating and utility bills. Funds are used for natural gas, oil, propane, wood, electricity and furnace repairs. HeatShare is a voluntary nongovernmental program of The Salvation Army that has served more than 120,000 households since 1982.

When you give to HeatShare, you are helping warm the lives of the elderly, disabled and others with nowhere else to turn. HeatShare is a last resort for those who have no other resources available to see them through the winter.  If you are in need of financial assistance and would like more info on the Heat Share program, call 218.722.7934.



There are a small group of volunteers that knit and crochet hats, mittens and gloves all year long.  These are then distributed to the children during the holidays.

If you have full or partial skeins of any color yarn to donate for them to use, it would be greatly appreciated.  Donations are accepted at the Salvation Army Office, 215 South 27th Avenue West, Duluth.

If you're like me, and not the most crafty person around, you can purchase NEW hats, mittens and scarves for children of all ages and drop them off at the office address above, all year long.  For more info call:  218.722.7934.


Don't a toy for a child by choosing a tag from the Children's Tree at the Salvation Army Gift Wrapping Booth in the Miller Hill Mall.  Place your UNWRAPPED toy under that same Children's Tree for distribution.

Or, help an entire family!  You can sponsor a family by purchasing food and gifts.  You choose the size of the family you wish to adopt.  You can also choose to deliver your donation to the family's home, or remain anonymous by bringing your donations to the Salvation Army's office.  Get more info by calling Nancy at 218.722.7934 ext 102.


Get to your donation goal as a group!  This is great for church groups, families, businesses and civic organizations that want to make a difference, AND make it easy!  It's an Online Red Kettle, and it's as easy as 1,2,3!

1.  Visit www.saduluth.org to create your own Online Red Kettle

2.  Invite your family, friends, co-works, EVERYONE to click and donate

3.  See the wonderful changes your donation can make in the lives of those in your Community

Whichever way you choose to help the Salvation Army, thank you.  Many blessings to you, your family, friends and all whose lives you touch.