Haven't got a gift for dad yet? Don't worry, there's still time! Here's 5 gift ideas that you can get dad for Christmas! As a bonus, these items are all under $100, because let's face it, that Christmas budget is getting stretched at this point.

Minnesota Vikings Crock Pot

Perfect for game day, especially if the Vikings can make their way into the playoffs this season. Not only is it a slow cooker, but it also is a lock top carry model so you can bring it to a friends house for the game. And, if you want a different team than the Vikings, you can. But why would you?

SEGA Genesis Mini Console

If you're dad is in his 30's or 40's this should bring him back to his younger days. See, dad may have had one of these when he was a kid, but no way could he afford the games that come with it now. This has two controllers, 40 games built in, and easy connect. This will be hours of retro fun.

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

I got a pair of noise cancelling headphones this year, and my life has changed dramatically. It's a cheap way to slip into your own place of zen. And trust me, it can be needed during the busy holiday season. It's a bargain too at 89.99!

Fancy High Tech Foot Massager

Does your dad have foot pain? Does your dad need to wear "Dad Shoes." Well this can help. It's a heated foot massager that promises to re energize your tired feet. The bonus is you can borrow it when dad's not looking.

Classy Men's Sandalwood Travel Shaving Kit

Keep dad looking great on the road this holiday season with this travel shaving kit.  It's like a barber in a bag! Shaving cream, brush, razor, pre-shave oil, and fancy bag. Each razor also features a classic racing color polished to a beautiful finish with chrome detail. It also fits Gillette Fusion refills.


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