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Minnesota Gifts To Give
Want to spread a little Minnesota nice with a Christmas gift to an out of state friend? Here's some gift ideas that are truly "Minnesotan."
Hand Crafted Christmas Present Evokes Emotional Response
My husband lost his father when he was 32 years old.  He has a few pictures, tools and lots of memories, but this Christmas his sister Lisa gave him a gift that showed her creative talents and will be cherished every Christmas for years to come.  Before you read further look closely at the…
Time Saver: Wrap A Gift In Ten Seconds [VIDEO]
Ken and I have always volunteered to wrap gifts at the Salvation Army gift wrap booth at the mall.  We volunteer, we didn't say we were good at it.  In fact, we pretty much have anxiety all day, wait for days before we're scheduled.  But, this video may just change the anxie…

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