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Winter has arrived early in the Northland with bitter cold record breaking low temperatures and several inches of snow in some areas as well, and it is not even officially winter yet. But as my awesome co-worker and morning show partner Cooper says every year make sure you are dressed for the weather and try things outdoors to break up the monotony of being stuck inside for months at a time. So here are some great products available now on Amazon to not only make things a little more comfortable for you this winter, but for some of us it may not seem quite as bad.


To be honest I am no expert when it comes to snowblowers, but I do know about Briggs & Stratton engines from growing up in Milwaukee where they are manufactured. Every product I have had with their engines runs like a champ, and we all know when the wind and snow are blowing the last thing you want is a machine that won't start. This is a fairly standard size one but will save your back from shoveling and get you out on the road much quicker. I know our neighbor would always snow blow the whole block, so if you feel so inclined help out your neighbors too!

Pressure Cooker

This amazing invention will be a kitchen helper all year long, but with winter we all tend to eat a little heartier in the cold weather and also with all the Holidays coming up this appliance is a real time saver. Plus this particular one actually combines 7 Appliances in one. So whether you are making a nice hot meal for yourself or you are going to have company for the Holidays you are set. Set it and forget it and sit down and cheer on the Bulldogs Hockey teams instead.

Flannel Sheets

What can be better than being snuggled up in a warm bed on a blustery winter day wrapped up in some flannel sheets. This particular brand comes in a variety of colors,and is the highest quality 100% cotton flannel that gets softer with every wash. There is honestly nothing better than crawling into a nice warm bed that has cozy flannel sheets. How about it after a long day on the slopes, ice skating rink or you just came in from your car. You need winter sheets in the northland and these are legit.

Ice Grips Traction Cleats

Walking around in the winter on snow and ice can be pretty treacherous at times especially on some of these hills in Duluth. Wouldn't it be nice to have the peace of mind of these slip on ice cleats to give you more traction as you walk or hike? These particular ones easily stretch over existing shoes or boots and special steel stud shape design - make it more easy for walking climbing. Get a pair for yourself and for all the ones you care about to help them stay safe and healthy out there walking on these deadly sidewalks out there.

Thermal Neck and Face Scarf

When it comes to face masks there is quite a variety out there but for me personally I want a little variety and this neck/face scarf does it all, plus it comes in a ton of different colors so you can mix and match and are not stuck with just black or brown. Want to just cover your neck, no problem. Want to just cover your face, or both this will work! Living in the Twin Ports that wind off the lake can seem to creep and slap any exposed skin, so bundle up and look good in the process.

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