You would know by looking at me that I like food. Food has meaning to me, it's love when you cook, safety, fun, it can be many things.

There are foods from every area I have lived that I can only get there or it's known for being made there. I lived in Baton Rouge and they ate a lot of seafood, fried food, and crawdaddies. When you live in the Northland, there are foods here that we all know that if we brought it up to people from other areas they would give you a curious dog look.

1. Lefsa-Basically, this is a Norweigan Burrito. What you do is start with a bunch of potatoes and smash them into a white tortilla looking thing. Some people like to heat them up, some like to make them wraps (I do), and some people add sugar and cinnamon. The only difference from tortillas is that these are cut into triangles most of the time.

2. Perogies-I am not a big fan of these. I know a lot of Churches make money off these because people love these. It's almost like a handheld pot pie. I think they taste like soup pie, but you sucked all the liquid out of them. They are so dry and bland to me and taste like guilt.

3. Lutefisk-My Grandfather used to make these or have this in the house. This is offensive smelling and offensive tasting. In my mind, here's how you make Lutefisk. Take a pound of fish, leave it out on the sidewalk in the summer, then boil it and serve it. If that sounds good you probably like Haggus too.

4. Smoked Ciscos-I don't know what kind of fish Ciscos are, but I love these. My Dad used to buy these in Two Harbors and we would go to a rock beach somewhere up the shore and cook hot dogs over the fire, and some kind of fruit and roast marshmallows. Before the main course, we would eat smoked ciscos right out of the package. When I was a kid I thought they were expensive because of their golden skin.

5. Wild Rice Soup-Wild Rice Anything is from the Northland. Get a wild rice burger at Grandma's Restaurant, or Wild Rice Soup anywhere. Wild rice all by itself. When anyone goes to visit my Mom in Arizona, we have to smuggle cans of wild rice to her. I feel like she is a drug lord and I am supplying her. I always get taken out of line at the airport and my bag searched, and every time they laugh. I feel like I need a note on my bag, I HAVE CANS OF WILD RICE IN HERE. It's good stuff though, I could eat a gallon of wild rice soup.

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