Recently, the Northland received word that Younkers would be going out of business and vacating their premium space at the Miller Hill Mall.  That's a big space to fill, so I hope the next business that goes there brings something new to the mall and something the community and tourists can both enjoy.

Entertainment tops my list, but there are retail stores I think would be a welcome addition and a nice fit for our community.

Here are the top 5 businesses I'd like to see move into that spot in the Miller Hill Mall.



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    Dave & Busters

    Dave & Busters tops my list because I think the Miller Hill Mall could use an entertainment venue that caters to everyone.  With a Dave & Busters type franchise you have a variety of games, food, and a full service sports bar atmosphere.

    I think the community would really enjoy this option and it would draw a lot of tourists too.  I'm sure you've noticed several hotels open up recently near the mall and I bet the people filling those new rooms would welcome more nearby entertainment options.


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    If we can't get an entertainment venue with a full bar and restaurant, then let's make sure the next retail store has name brand fashion and products for men, women, and children.

    Early on Younkers provided that, but as the years went on it looked more and more like a messy rummage sale and I stopped going.

    A full Nordstrom would provide name brands that are becoming harder to find in the mall.  Discount outlet stores are great, but so is the option of having a Nordstrom (and not Nordstrom rack, please).


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    L.L. Bean

    L.L. specializes in clothing and outdoor recreation equipment and having exposure in this market would be a great fit for us and for them.

    They could have a lot of fun creating a store in that big available space, placing all their equipment on full display.  Why not throw in a fishing stream?

    Their clothing is of great quality and is made for men, women and children.  I've had their Rugged Ridge Parka for years and it's the warmest jacket I've ever owned and it's not puffy or bulky.  Although it has held up very well, I may get a new one this winter simply to have a new color.

    They make a wide variety of products for our climate and lifestyle, they should be here.



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    Everything I said above about Nordstrom applies to Macy's, which would offer name brand products for everyone as well as other services.

    There's instant name recognition with retail chains such as these and I believe Macy's would be a very welcome addition.

    Is it too late to get back their legendary Christmas displays they were giving to Bentleyville and bring them along with them to the Miller Hill Mall?

  • Robert Marrott
    Robert Marrott

    Local Entrepreneur Brewing + Entertainment Franchise

    The Northland is making national headlines with our multiple craft brewing companies.  They are terrific entrepreneurs who think out of the box and create great products.

    How about one of them gets really adventurous, or even have two entrepreneurs join forces to bring craft brewing and entertainment to the Miller Hill Mall?

    Picture two stories of craft brewing and tours on site with a full restaurant and bar along with a wide variety of games.  Video games, sports games, pool tables, darts and board games.

    Don't forget to go upstairs to check out live musical performances from local and regional musicians as well as open mic nights for inspired jam sessions.

    It's ambitious, costly and, I'll admit, unlikely.  But, it would bring a cool dynamic to the Miller Hill Mall with a much more local feel than Dave & Busters.

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