The Farmer's Almanac made a buzz yesterday when they predicted that this winter will be a "Polar Coaster." They said to expect frigid temperatures and more snowfall than average. Most people groaned when they heard this, and don't want a snowy winter. But, for where we live, it's not necessarily a bad thing.

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    Skiing Is Good For The Economy

    Whether you are downhill skiing, or snowboarding, or cross country skiing, it brings in money to the local economy. Our area is one of the few places in the Midwest where you can get quality downhill skiing. Sure, if we don't get a lot of snow, they can make artificial snow, but that costs money and just isn't quite the same.

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    Snow Removal Helps Contractors

    A lot of self employed contractors make ends meet through the winter months by doing snow removal services with their plow trucks or construction season. On years with little snowfall, the lack of income can affect them and their families.

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    Snowmobiling Brings In Money

    There are so many bars and restaurants on lakes and small towns that survive the winter on their snowmobilers. Snowmobile dealers, gear outfitters, and mechanics all benefit from a busy season. We are hearty people in the Northland, and we can't just sit and do nothing all winter long. Snow and temperatures cold enough to keep the snow are a good thing.

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    Cold Winter Means Safer Ice

    Colder weather earlier means safer ice for ice fisherman. Last year we had a mild December that led to many people going through the ice. Now, there's a catch. If we get a lot of snow early, that can cause not as good ice. The best case scenario is a good hard freeze for a couple of weeks, followed by snow. But, you take what you can get.

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