Every few months I'll log into my Facebook and shake my head in disgust as I see my  account has been hacked by David Drew.  The way it happens is that occasionally I'll forget to log out of my Facebook account on a computer in our studio.  Hours later, David comes in and cant resist the childish urge to post a ridiculous status update.   I'll have to admit, some of them have been pretty good.  Like:

1.  "I just pooped my pants." 

This was a couple of years ago, and the first time my account had been hacked.  I wasn't sure where it came from, or who did it, so I immediately changed my password.   My new password was so unbelievably complicated that it took me several tries each day to log in.   Turns out David lied to me, and it was him...

2.  "Nothing says spring quite like breaking out the spandex."

It was something pretty similar to this, but in horror I deleted the status update right away.

3.  "Anybody know how to get pee stains out of khakis?"

Yep, and that day I was wearing khaki pants.... jerk.

4.  "Wow, I guess I AM ticklish down there!"

It was the most recent to draw attention.

And as a bonus he put this on my Facebook wall for my Birthday last year.


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