23rd Veteran announced in a press release that they have teamed up with Outdoor Initiative and the Kilcher family to provide a once in a lifetime experience for 12 military members or veterans. The Kilcher Homestead is featured on the Discovery Channel's Alaska: The Last Frontier, and these veterans are going to get to spend a week adventure on and around the homestead in Homer, Alaska.

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The veterans are going to be departing the Duluth International Airport on October 10, 2020 for the trip. During the 7 day adventure the group will learn leadership, survival, camaraderie, and mindfulness from Outdoor Initiative and the Kilcher Family.

Then, when the veterans return they will continue a 13 week course at IST Crossfit in Duluth as they continue together on a journey of fitness and positive psychology.

23rd Veteran is accepting applications for those military members or veterans until October 1, 2020. The program is free to military members or veterans that have suffered a traumatic event during their service. If you, or someone you know would like to apply you can do it at 23rdveteran.org.

The 23rd Veteran is an organization who's mission is to help provide happier, healthier lives for veterans living with trauma. The founder Mike Waldron served in the military and returned home after service with hope and excitement about his future. However, he saw other veterans that had been in combat struggling. He founded 23rd Veteran to help those fellow military veterans find hope and happiness in life.

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