We have officially made it through what can only be known as the great cold snap of February 2021. Ha!

The entire Northland had quite the first half of the month, thanks to a prolonged cold snap that brought us temperatures well below normal, even by February standards. In fact, at one point our cold snap brought us temperatures as cold as thirty below, with even colder wind chill values.

Things are looking up (for now, because this is the Northland after all). Like clockwork, there are things all Twin Port residents do when a cold snap is over with, even in the dead of winter. I am guilty of all of them, too!

From waiting a ridiculously long time in the car wash line to donning shorts to run an errand, we all have our habits and ways of celebrating when a cold snap is over.

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Take a look at 11 things we all do when a cold snap is over and try not to laugh as you realize you do them too:

(By the way - our cold snap lasted just under three-hundred hours, in case you're curious. That's a lot of cold!)

11 Things That Happen After Every Twin Ports Cold Snap

It never fails: after a cold snap in the Twin Ports, we take to our post-chilly routine, which includes getting a car wash and wearing shorts.

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