Say what you want but living in the Twin Ports is never boring. Why? Because the weather is always making headlines!

There is also a reason for the saying about not liking the weather in Minnesota and how you should just wait five minutes and it will change. Yup, that one is definitely true.

The proof of how much the weather changes in the Twin Ports, even just on a daily basis, is in eleven headlines from the past few months. Looking back from now, early June, to the start of the year is wild.

The year started off pretty well and definitely wasn't as brutal as it sometimes can be in the Twin Ports in January. However, a lot has happened since then!

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I decided to take a little walk down memory lane to see just what we've been through over the past six months. For example, remember that awful cold snap from February? Now you do!

Here are eleven notable weather events that made headlines between January and June of 2021. Try not to cringe reading some of these.

11 Notable Twin Ports Weather Events From January To June 2021

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