You see them in their Green and Gold, they display the names on their backs, Rodgers, Lacy, Matthews, and Cobb. Some finish that look with a foam Cheese Head Hat. Most of them can recite a Viking joke off the top of their head. They are the best fans in the NFL, according to Forbes Magazine.

According to research by Nielsen Scarborough, only 16 percent of adults living in Green Bay, Wisconsin, are NOT fans of the team. That means everybody else is a die hard Green and Gold Packer fan.

Here's how the other top 5 went: 2. Denver Broncos 3. New Orleans Saints 4. New England Patriots 5. Baltimore Ravens.

The Forbes rankings were based on the hometown crowd reach, social media reach based on the area's population and three years' worth of Nielsen television ratings, stadium capacity percentage and merchandise sales via

Green Bay is the NFL's smallest market just over 300,000 for a fan base but their Facebook numbers are 4.4 million and Twitter numbers are 701,000., which were number one in their categories, the study also said the Packers. The study went on to say that Packers fans scored the highest marks in every category except for TV rankings (second) and merchandise (seventh). I don't think it hurts that the Packers are the only team owned by their fans.