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Video Shows How You Can Catch Walleyes in 90 Minutes in Duluth
So many times, us ice fisherman get caught up on the fact that we don't have a whole day or even a whole afternoon to set up for fishing. These guys have it down, and they were able to get set up and catch a handful of walleyes in under 90 minutes.
Angela Kinsey Tweets Photo Of "The Office" Cast Reunion
Angela Kinsey tweeted a photo of a mini reunion of sorts for The Office cast. This comes just a few weeks after the mini reunion on SNL. It really makes some fans hope that there is a reunion talk going on or that it may actually be happening.
Kurt Russell Delivers A Gift With 'The Christmas Chronicles'
The Netflix Original "The Christmas Chronicles" is a fun Christmas movie that the whole family can enjoy. It's a little cheesy at times, but you can get away with that with it being a Christmas movie and anchored by the wonderful Kurt Russell.