If you've been to the DECC for either the Home Show, Sport Show, or Ice Fishing Show, you may have seen these Z Clear Guys selling their anti fog spray.  As you walk by, they offer to clean your glasses for free.  Then they do their sales pitch on why you should by their cleaner/ anti fog spray.  Well they got me, and I bought some last time and put it to the test.

This weekend I went snowmobiling with a friend.  I don't go often, but when I do the biggest complaint I've had is that my glasses fog up inside my helmet.  Because I wear glasses, I use a full face helmet with a snowmobile rated face shield.  The glasses fog up, and even the face shield fogs up.

So this time I came prepared with my anti fog spray.  I applied it to both my glasses and my face shield, and we hit the trail.   Normally just standing still and breathing in my helmet will cause immediate fog, but this time it didn't.  We took off and rode for about an hour and a half before stopping for lunch.  Still no fog.  Just to be safe I did a quick spray again when we left.

We rode for another 2 hours on a pretty cold day.  (It was 10 degrees.)  Usually by this point the fog on my face shield would have started to ice over and make it difficult to see.  By the end of the ride I had just a very small fog spot that wasn't even visible to me when I was riding.

So after starting out skeptical on this product, I would say it definitely does its job and it will be something I'll continue to buy and use in the future.

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