I was in a rush yesterday to get over to Wade Stadium for the Gun's & Hoses softball charity event when I realized I needed some cash.  I swung through a bank, (you can figure it out), on the way to hit up the ATM.  And for the first time in my life, this happened!

In using an ATM for 20 years or so, I've never had one say it was out of cash.  My wife actually works at the bank, and I asked her if it's happened to her.  She's never had one run out cash either.

My co-host Cathy has never had that happen to her either.  She did say she's found out she's been out of cash, but never the ATM.

Luckily, they had another ATM drive thru lane that had at least enough for my little withdrawal.

Has this ever happened to you?  I'm wondering if all the tourist traffic we've had in the last week cause enough cash to be withdrawn before they could reload it.

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