Has This Ever Happened To You?
I was in a rush yesterday to get over to Wade Stadium for the Gun's & Hoses softball charity event when I realized I needed some cash.  I swung through a bank, (you can figure it out), on the way to hit up the ATM.  And for the first time in my life, this happened!
Could Bank Tellers Someday Become Extinct?
Many of us do our banking via ATM or other electronic means, but how would you feel if actual in-person tellers didn’t exist? A few banks are testing out new systems with the possible goal of making that idea a reality.
US Ready To Sue Bailed Out Banks Over Misleading Mortgages
Some of the banks and mortgage institutions are set to be sued by the US government over what basically started the recession and housing bubble burst.  They are being accused of misleading mortgage securities with over inflated home buyer's incomes and falsified information...