If you're like most families in American, you watch TV while eating dinner.  What show is usually on during the dinner hour, Wheel of Fortune.  My co-host Ken says he and his family eat dinner while watching it and play against each other.  Do you always solve the puzzle before the contestants on the show?  Then you should audition and make your dream come true!

Clear your calendar for Sunday, June 8 and get your lucky self to Grand Casino Hinckley to audition for the game show that was created by Merv Griffin.  They will hold three sessions, noon, 1:30 p.m., and 3 p.m.

Space is limited so applicants will be drawn at random to audition, play a mock version of the speed-up round on Wheel of Fortune, and win prizes!

If you were auditioning for Jeopardy you could study up on lots of topics and hopefully get lucky but I was thinking, how could one practice for Wheel of Fortune?  Play, play, play, that's how!  Maybe if you watch this million dollar winner you'll be inspired to do the same!  Good Luck!


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