And we thought we were in the clear. Sigh.

Several news outlets, local meteorologists and national organizations are tracking what they say is the potential for a spring storm this week. Everyone from the National Weather Service Duluth to Minnesota Public Radio is predicting the return of snow across the Northland midweek through the end of the week.

It's good to keep in mind that it is still early and things could still change over the next 24 hours. Sometimes things don't shake out the way we think they will.

Nevertheless, here is what different news outlets are saying as of right now:

  • MPR says this storm "looks impressive no matter how you slice it." Their models show anywhere from 3 to 6 inches of snow in the Duluth area and about 6 inches in the Superior area.
  • National Weather Service Duluth says a winter storm may impact the area this week. In a post on their Facebook page, they say "chances are increasing for winter weather to return to the region late in the week." Both Duluth and Superior fall between the "best chance" and "small chance" on their infographic.
  • WDIO Meteorologist Taylor Dayton weighed in on the potential storm, writing that some areas could see 6-plus inches of snow. He added that it will be incredibly windy and we may see some damage along the shores of Lake Superior, due to the wind and large waves. He mentions that it's still too early to nail down numbers, as the track of the storm will determine how much snow falls where.
  • AccuWeather is reporting that the Duluth and Superior areas will see between 6 to 12 inches of snowfall with the storm.

There is a lot that comes with major weather events like this. Keep in mind that things can change and weather patterns can shift.

Also, take some extra time to determine if you are getting your information from a credible source. When there is a potential for a big storm or something of that nature, there tends to be sensational headlines about the event. Get your forecasts from organizations and meteorologists you trust and do not believe everything you read on the internet. (Ha!)

Basically, let's all keep calm! If it does snow quite a bit, it's nothing we can't handle. It could always be worse and we will be so grateful when the sunshine returns for good.

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