I might be a little late to the party here but I started watching Law & Order: SVU. Yes, I am two decades behind the times and have about twenty-four seasons left to go. I was binge-watching the first season when the mention of Wisconsin made my ears perk up.

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In case you didn't know, the show takes place in New York and follows an elite group of detectives who put the worst of the worst behind bars. It started in 1999 and is still just as popular and successful today, more than two decades later.

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Nonetheless, New York City is a far cry from Wisconsin so when I heard the Cheesehead State get a mention, I was immediately intrigued. This particular episode is called Limitations and is the fourteenth episode in the first season.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - Season 24
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In this episode, the team is trying to close a big case before the statute of limitations expires. They try to do so using a method that has only been tested in Wisconsin. Because this episode aired in 1999, I have no idea if this was true at the time or just written for the show.

Wisconsin is mentioned early on in the episode, as the whole team reviews the case they are trying to tackle;

We'll try to get the warrant on his DNA John Doe 121. It might stop the clock.

They're trying that in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin is mentioned three other times throughout the episode, all while they try to solve the case. They keep referring to the time a method worked in Wisconsin. I won't give any spoiler alerts, even though the episode is twenty-four years old. Ha!

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It may just be a mention here or there but I like that Wisconsin got mentioned because it makes the whole viewing experience a little more fun. With hundreds more episodes to watch, I will have to see if it happens again!

At least the show wasn't making fun of Wisconsin like another show on NBC. We're looking at you, Chicago PD.

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