Who doesn't love watching a television show and hearing (and seeing) that Minnesota or Wisconsin gets a little shout-out? Even if they aren't calling us out by name, it's always cool when there's a Hollywood connection, whether a television show or a major motion picture.

It happens all the time these days, especially on the Chicago series, given the fact that both Minnesota and Wisconsin aren't far from where Chicago is located. As I breeze through one part of the series, I noticed yet another fun shoutout Wisconsin got.

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I am watching Chicago PD and finally made it to season six. In episode fourteen, Wisconsin is a big part of spotlight as they try to track down a bunch of guns that are traced back to a "local gun show" there. Therefore, Wisconsin is named dropped quite often throughout the forty-minute episode.

The episode, titled Ties That Bind, does have a little bit of a fail though that only Wisconsin locals would catch on to. At one point, they are narrowing in on a suspect when one of the members of the elite Intelligence unit says the following:

Gaines did two years at the Wisconsin State Prison for aggravated battery.

So what's the problem? There's no such thing! IMDb says as much, noting this under the "factual errors" part of the episode. This little fail aside, it is still a great and action-packed episode. There's nothing wrong with saying a fib for the sake of Hollywood, right?

It seems some of the writers on the show aren't huge fans of Wisconsin. In April, when I started binge-watching the series, they really went in on Wisconsin and the northern part in particular, saying that all that part of the country has to offer is snowmobiling, ice fishing and meth labs. How nice.

There was recently another Chicago connection. Chicago Med recently featured a famous actor from right here in Duluth. Daniel Durant guest starred on a recent episode, which is pretty cool considering he's an Oscar winner and everything.

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