The world's obsession with Baby Yoda is real - I have the obsession, too.

In case you're not familiar, the cutie is a character from The Mandalorian, which is a popular show on the relatively-new Disney Plus streaming service. When the show dropped in November, Baby Yoda became an instant phenomenon.

If we needed any proof that the love is still strong for Baby Yoda, look no further! One Wisconsin resident has created a masterpiece of sorts honoring the icon, building a life size replica out of snow. Check it out:

Wow! I definitely am considering a road trip to go see this magnificent work of art in person. Sadly, there aren't too many details regarding how it was made and how long it took to make it. Either way, you can't deny it's amazing!

The photo was posted on a Facebook page dedicated to Wauwotosa, Wisconsin. The city is about six hours from Duluth and just a short drive from Milwaukee. Who wants to take a road trip?!

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