My Facebook friend Pam (thank you, Pam) told me about an amazing snowman near Kettle River, one much, much bigger than in the picture above.  This is a 22.5 foot snowman located a mile south of Kettle River on Highway 73. The man who constructed it says you're welcome to come get your picture taken by the monstrosity.

Ya know, this is how Bentleyville got started!  According to the Pine Journal, the creator is Roger Tillman and he started his giant snowman building 26 years ago.  At first he built it in front of his house, but as trees grew taller and began to block it's view he knew he needed to make a move.  This year he moved it out to a pasture, plowed a road and added signs to make it easier for visitor to find their way to the giant to take pictures.

When you put as much effort into something as Roger did, it would be a shame not to share it.  To give you an idea how BIG this snowman is, he used a tractor and haystacker/loader to move the snow and placed in it fencing to shape it.  It has a hat, heart shaped buttons and a bow tie that actually lights up at night.  Roger said the process of building him took place over five days because he had to wait for one tier to harden before adding another.

He invites you and your family to see his snowman creation in a pasture off Highway 73, one mile south of Kettle River.  Thank you to a man who had a great idea to use what the Northland has an abundance of, snow, to make people smile!

PS:  I LOVE Kettle River days!

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