How awesome is this?! A Hermantown couple built a huge snowman out of snow - or a teddy bear, rather.

The Northland couple shared a video of the giant creation on their Facebook page Tuesday (February 4th) and offered a few details on the cute snow creation. According to their post, the teddy bear's name is Theodore and he stands 16 feet tall.

The couple also shares the credit with their neighbors, who helped make Theodore come to life! Check it out below:

Wow! That is one large snow creation and not to mention, a cute one at that. The teddy bear is holding a heart in honor of Valentine's Day. So sweet!

You may be out of luck if you want to see it in person, though! No address was given for you to check it out in the flesh so the video will have to do.

This Hermantown duo aren't the only ones getting crafty this winter. A Wisconsin resident recently made a snow creation in his yard, hopping on the Baby Yoda phenomenon train. These fun sculptures definitely make winter a little more tolerable!

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