A Wisconsin man's face is now ALL over the internet after he was busted stealing two dozen bottles of liquor from a local Costco store.

Police in Menomonee Falls, where the incident occurred, have since arrested the man, who loaded the alcohol into his cart and walked straight out.

A local news outlet in Milwaukee reports the theft occurred this past Friday (May 3rd). The thief also took a home security system, racking up a bill of about $1,500 dollars.

Another news outlet out of Madison, Wisconsin reports the man in question was actually stopped by a store employee, before eventually being allowed to leave the store.

He was seen getting into a car with Minnesota plates.

The thief's name and charges haven't been revealed to the public. However, the man is still gaining internet fame.

This story has been picked up from news outlets all over the country, from San Diego to Chicago to Los Angeles.


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