This large weather system we have been hearing about is making it's way into our neighbors in North Dakota. WDAY report Amy Unrau posted a photo of winter weather reaching the Montana/ North Dakota town of Comertown. The forecast for Comertown today is cold with a high of only 27 degrees. They are expecting 3-5" of snow by the time it is done there.

By the time the system reaches Fargo, they are expected to see some rain and then some small amounts of snow, likely less than an 1.5".

Here in Duluth we are expecting a start with rain late tomorrow that will turn into snow for the rest of the weekend. It will be cold and miserable, regardless of how much snow we do get. Estimates now from the National Weather Service in Duluth say about 1-4 inches.

We'll just have to see how it develops. Time to get your winter gear out!


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