I am not going to lie: Minnesota has really had its time to shine over the past few years, thanks to an Iron Ranger being cast on one of the hottest reality television shows right now.

For some background, an Eveleth native named Luke Gulbranson became a household name when he was cast on Bravo's hit show Summer House. The show is about a group of New Yorkers who spend time in the Hamptons every summer.

Luke, who splits his time between New York and Minnesota, joined the cast during season four. He won't be on the newest season, which is coming out in the near future, but he is on the spinoff Winter House, which is airing its second season as we speak.

The new season of Winter House premiered this month and it is already juicy, with some drama that happened in Minnesota over the summer playing out as a major storyline on the show.

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Here's where it all started: over the summer, Luke and some cast members from another Bravo show spent the fourth of July weekend in Eveleth. The cast members, Craig Conover and Austen Kroll, are stars of Southern Charm. 

They all documented the fun Minnesota holiday weekend on social media, sharing photos of their adventures walking down the streets of the small town and watching fireworks. It appeared to be all fun and games until we got some behind-the-scenes tea from the latest episode of Winter House.

On the last episode of the show, which aired on Thursday (October 20th), an incident that happened in Minnesota on that holiday trip was brought up and things got really ugly. You can catch the scene about twenty-three minutes into the episode, which is called Cold Snap.

The cast is sitting at a dinner table and telling stories when somehow, the conversation shifts to Craig almost getting arrested in Minnesota for shooting off fireworks. The two share some very tense words over the next minute or so and it wasn't pretty.

Craig accuses Luke of kicking him out of his Minnesota lake house one night of the trip and making him sleep outside. Luke doesn't deny this and said he was mad because Craig shot off fireworks that weren't his right next to his expensive boat.

As if this isn't dramatic enough, Craig accuses Luke of hating fireworks while Luke says he does like fireworks, just not near his boat. Craig continues yelling, saying that there was a bag of fireworks on his bed in the guest room at Luke's house and he didn't think he did anything wrong. Based on the way these two are fighting, clearly they do not see eye to eye on the situation.

I won't give too much else away but if you don't watch the show, I highly suggest it. Not only is it fun to have a Minnesota native on there but it is pretty dramatic, as if that wasn't evident enough. Ha! New episodes air on Thursdays.

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