We still love you, Minnesota. The Land of 10,000 Lakes was really taking some heat on the latest episode Bravo's Summer House.

As we've mentioned before, one of the most recent additions to the cast hails from Eveleth, Minnesota. He calls New York home now but he still stays true to his roots and mentions Minnesota on the show quite often.

In the latest episode of the hit series, each member of the cast was assigned to turn their room into a different location so they could have a real-life "pub crawl" without leaving their house, where they are all quarantined together. This was supposed to imitate a real pub crawl in a different state. (I guess even reality stars get bored. Ha!)

Our Minnesotan cast member, Luke, turned his bedroom into a Minnesota-themed bar and it definitely played into all of our stereotypes. He had a bunch of hockey memorabilia and of course, a giant moose that his fellow house members could sit on and take a selfie with.

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There was, of course, flannel shirts and overalls for the guests to wear, along with a prop axe to take a photo with. The room was also dark, signaling Minnesota's very dark and long days come winter. Luke gets points for creativity. By the way, the state flag was also hung proudly on the wall.

If you want to watch the episode in question, it is called "Crawl Me Maybe" and is the eighth episode of the fifth season.

As for Luke, he was a later addition to the show, with this season being his second. His big premiere on the show was early last year. Since becoming a reality star, he still makes time for Minnesota, visiting the Northland often and sharing photos of his adventures here.

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