According to Jena Pike with our news partners, the Northland's News Center, the City of Duluth will be ponying up more cash to keep us safe while we're battling winter driving.  While I appreciate the concern, I hate that we have to put out such a phenomenal amount of money!

Living in a winter wonderland will cost more this year. The price of road salt has gone-up. Duluth could spend almost $100,000 more on road salt this year than it did in last winter.

Since the 2008-2009 season, the prices of road salt have risen almost seven dollars to about $59 per ton putting more of a dent in the city budget.  This year, the city will spend more than $872,500 on buying road salt.

To save on costs last year the city reduced the amount of salt it purchased from 15,000 tons to 13,200 tons, but this year, in the interest of keeping our road safe, the city plans to buy 400 tons more, if the council approves the purchase on Monday.

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