Devastating wild fires are burning in the west coast and as a result, several states are seeing poor air quality.

While Minnesota and Wisconsin are far away from the west coast, it is possible to see an impact even this far away. So will we see any impacts from the fires in our neck of the woods? According to KARE 11 News, the answer is yes.

According to their report, we can expect a "hazy film" through much of the week ahead. Therefore, we may see a little bit of a haze but nothing super noticeable or drastic.

The good news is that this won't have a huge impact on air quality. KARE 11 reports that the smoke making its way to Minnesota and Wisconsin will stay in the upper level of the atmosphere. That means the air quality will remain good in our area, despite the smoke.

WDIO Meteorologist Brandon Weathers also noted the impact of wildfire smoke in our area in his forecast Monday (September 14th), writing:

Smoke from wildfires out West has blanketed our sky this morning. Depending on how the burning situation develops, smoke may continue for the next several days based on the positioning of the jet stream. Air quality remains healthy at this time.

While things may be a bit hazy, the important thing is that air quality remains good. Other areas closer to the wildfires are not as lucky, with places like Oregon seeing damaging air quality and dark skies as a result of the smoke.

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