UPDATE: According to court documents provided, the medical malpractice suit against Dr. Mancini was dismissed on 8/15/2018. Additional court documents indicate Mancini was ordered to pay the State of Wisconsin a civil judgment for money in the amount of $300,000 on 4/16/2021.

Original story:

A pediatric dentist has surrendered his license after multiple allegations in Hudson, Wisconsin. Dr. Andy Mancini of La Petite Dentistry has been under investigation after complaints from customers and former employees allege some pretty scary stuff.

If going to the dentist wasn't traumatizing enough, this dentist really could have scarred these kids.

  • There were complaints of Mancini telling parents that the kids needed more dental work done than necessary.
  • Using laughing gas at double the recommended dosage and without the parent's permission.
  • Threatening to harm a child patient with sharp tools if they didn't calm down.
  • Sexually harassing a mother of a child.
  • Taking more than the required x-rays that would be the maximum amount that the insurance would pay for the visit.
  • Instructing staff to pin down a 9-year-old patient while he extracted 4 teeth.

According to BringMeTheNews, Mancini is now facing criminal charges and also a civil suit for falsified Medicare claims.

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