I've lived in quite a few different places since I moved away from the Iron Range after high school.   I spent a few years living in the Twin Cities, I've spent a few years living out in farm country (Iowa), and I've ended up here in the Twin Ports.  I gotta say, I don't think I'll ever leave.

I could make more money living in the Twin Cities, my friends that still live there often remind me of that.   Starting off my career, my goal was to make it to a big city.   Now, with maturity, I can say, "naw."  I like it here.

I like the fact that the pace is a little slower.

I like that to get out of town to go to the lake takes 10 minutes, instead of hours in traffic.

I like the fact that when people go to get away from the cities for the weekend, they are heading to places similar to where we are (or here.)

I like that there are still some mom and pop businesses where people still know your name.

When we get stuck in traffic, it's because of road construction and it only delays us a few minutes.

I like that we only have to endure 90+ degree days a few days a year.

After work, I can hop in the boat and go fishing like it's no big deal.

I like when I'm driving to work in the morning, it looks like a postcard outside.

For a small town, we've got plenty to see and do.

You can get a last minute tee time at the golf course no problem.

When you go out to run an errand, you run into people you know.  You're not just another face in a sea of people.

That's why I love living here.  You get a whole lot more out of life if you're interests fit what Duluth / Superior has to offer.   And, if you can't find something that interests you here, you're pretty boring.

One thing I would like however, is a Chipotle restaurant, but I guess you can't have it all.  I can make that sacrifice.

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