Many people are trying to get their Christmas shopping done early, but if you wait you may save a little when buying toys.

If you keep an eye on the ads, follow the toys you want to buy on or online or look deep at the newspaper when they feature toy sales. You will see that you can pick up the desired toy on a really good deal.

Deal News says the best time to buy is the second week of December. You have to remember this was pre-COVID-19, they said part of it is that stores want you to come back in after their Black Friday sale and this is the way they do it. Deal News went on to say that some toys drop 20 to 40%, and it includes the popular toys. The stores use the toys to get you in to notice other sales or impulse buy.

Deal news said when Toys R Us were around it was also the time they announce the Fabulous 15, and put them on sale. At, they also say you should wait for buying toys and the best day to buy is the second Thursday, which falls in line with Deal news, who say the second week of December.

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Every retail store will agree that electronics is what brings people into the store, and consumers will buy more if they see the toys are discounted. Electronics are usually on sale for Black Friday, but with the Pandemic, that won't be the case, most sales started at the beginning of November, but some will start in December, that's when you will see big drops in toy prices.

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