We get snow during the winter here in the Northland - that's a given.  Usually, those low pressure systems move through our area and leave us with an inch or two of fresh snow - just enough to get out the snow blower or the shovel out.

Even though they get a lot of attention, true 'snow makers' - those winter storms that bring unbearable amounts of precipitation - are few and far between.  During the average winter we get maybe four or five winter storms that bring significant snowfalls with them.  Most of the snow events we get are of the type that bring us "a couple of inches or so"; we just tend to get those more often.

So while people focus on the potential for blizzard-like winter storms, we really don't get as many as our collective memories seem to think we do.

Snow-covered street and cars with a lonely pedestrian. Heavy snowstorm

What's also interesting is the different ways we tolerate snow storms depending on what time of the season they occur.  While there's no scientific, meteorological, or climatological way to explain it, we seem to 'grin and bear' those storms that come our way in March and April with a different outlook than the ones that come earlier (say in January or February). The snow totals might be the same (or, even greater!), but we're more apt to cancel plans or stock up on supplies or even lose sleep over what the storm will bring.

Maybe we've grown more accustomed to the snow by that time of the season.  Or, the cold and snow that came before wore down our defenses enough that we don't raise an eyebrow when the forecast starts calling for ten or more inches.


Or, perhaps it's the fact that there is less of winter left to come.  In other words, "who cares" if it dumps a foot of snow on us today; most of it will melt by the next day.

One thing is for certain:  it's worth having a positive attitude about winter and snow if you're going to live in the Northland.  Whether it comes down in inches or feet, we're going to get snow - it's just a fact. The way we let it affect us is the key to not letting winter get you down.

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