You better bring a mask next time you go to either Whole Foods Co-op location in the Duluth area. The stores are requiring face coverings for all effective Friday, June 26th.

The news was announced Thursday (June 25th) on their Facebook page. According to their post, all shoppers who visit the store must wear a face covering of some kind. This also applies to employees. If you do not have a mask when you visit the store, one will be supplied to you for single-use.

When asked about the new policy in the comments section, the Co-op stated, "with the progress of COVID-19 and the demonstrated dangers of some reopening approaches, we are timing it to serve our community as best we can." This was in response to a customer insinuating the policy should have been put in place sooner.

KBJR reports that staff and members of the community have been asking for the policy to be put in place and now that they were able to get single-use masks for customers and staff to wear, they are able to implement the policy.

Co-op locations have not announced how long the policy will be in effect.

The Whole Foods Co-op has two locations in the area. The first is located at 610 East 4th Street in Hillside. The second location can be found at 4426 Grand Avenue in the Denfeld area. If you have any questions about the policy, you can contact staff at 218-728-0884 or email

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