Miranda Lambert had a lot to say by the time she got around to releasing her latest studio effort "The Weight Of These Wings" in 2016.

She didn't talk about the album much leading up to the release. She announced it would be a double album and then let the music do the talking.

It's been a little over a year since its release and I always find myself wondering - which half do I like better? For awhile, it changed by the day but after letting it sit for awhile, I think there's an argument to be made for both "The Heart" and "The Nerve."

The Nerve: This album starts with a bang - a sprawling midtempo tune that gives a perfect snapshot of what is to come: loneliness, heartbreak and restlessness. It also lets listeners know a new, softer, nostalgic Miranda is here. As the disc goes on, it touches on many aspects of her life, including the pitfalls of fame ("Pink Sunglasses") and moving on for the first time after heartbreak ("Pushin' Time" and "Getaway Driver"). She is honest and self-deprecating on other tracks (the best one being "Ugly Lights").

Overall, this disc has a lot of variation. It has sad tunes and lighthearted ones and bittersweet songs, too. This side also features two covers ("You Wouldn't Know Me" and "Covered Wagon.) Both of these fit but can't hold a candle to the songs she wrote herself.

Why This Side Is Special: Lambert takes you through so many different emotions on this side of the album. While many were expecting an angry album, she threw everyone a curve ball. There isn't an angry track on here, which is surprising considering her divorce and the persona she built her career on. Instead, she is open and owns her own problems and imperfections while being honest and having fun. There are a lot of different topics covered, not just heartbreak. We also see her start to move on, but only with one toe in the water.

Standout Tracks: Runnin' Just In Case, Pink Sunglasses, Pushin' Time, Use My Heart

The Heart: Two words: Tin. Man. This is one her best songs ever so starting off the second disc with it means the rest of the tracks have a lot to live up to. This is the side where she gets really real. She touches on being the problem ("Things That Break") and struggles to adapt to being alone ("Well-Rested.") She lightens things up a bit for the second half talking about someone who isn't good for her but she doesn't care ("Bad Boy") and making light of not being able to escape her very famous ex-husband ("Six Degrees Of Separation"). She ends the disc the same way she started the first half - talking about the road and moving on.

Why This Side Is Special: This side is where Miranda gets the most vulnerable. She talks about things she never has before: being a tomboy, liking a bad boy and how to deal when your ex-husband is one of the most famous people in the world. This side also shows more of a theme, focusing on the aftermath of a broken relationship. This is as personal as she has ever been. Because of that, it is also home to her most heart-breaking and vulnerable work ever, in the first half alone.

Standout Tracks: Tin Man, Things That Break, Well-Rested, Bad Boy, Six Degrees Of Separation, I've Got Wheels

This is hard but I think "The Heart" is better. Both sides are phenomenal but this side is where we really learn what went on with the superstar over the past few years and how she dealt with her split from Blake Shelton. Its where she gets the most real in the form of her most devastating but beautiful work to date.

Which side do you like better?

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