Halloween is almost upon us and I am not excited at all. (Just kidding. It is my favorite holiday!)

With the spooky day comes a great opportunity and excuse to eat as much candy as you want. Who doesn't want that?!

In honor of October, website Candystore.com did some extensive research to figure out which candy every different state prefers. The answers were surprising!

So what do Minnesotans fancy? Tootsie pops! According to the site, that is our candy of choosing, followed by Skittles in second and candy corn in third. That's not what I was expecting but I am not mad about it!

Wisconsinites love Butterfingers! Starbursts came in second with Hot Tamales rounding out the top three. I can't say I blame them.

Check out the fun map below to see what sweet treats the rest of the country will be eating a LOT of next month.

By the way - if you spend a lot of money on candy around Halloween, don't feel bad. The National Retail Federation estimates that we will spend nearly $3 billion dollars on it this year!

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