During the B105 Breakfast Club show we asked, "What makes you smile?"  Most of the answers made me say "awwww!"

See if you agree, and add to the list!

  • Puppies
  • Babies
  • getting a text or a call from my sister in MT
  • going to the mailbox and NO BILLS (that was mine!)
  • getting a box in the mail, knowing it was something you've been waiting for
  • the B105 Breakfast Club Show (thanks, Mom)
  • watching my son play the drums
  • nice weather, not too hot and not too cold
  • grandchildren
  • performing a random act of kindness
  • my wife (that was from Homie Kates, lol, he's trying to make points)
  • praise music and memories
  • eating chocolate (YES!)
  • wandering in your yard enjoying your potted plants
  • shootin' guns (from Mr. Testostrone)
  • watching your parents hold hands in LOVE
  • the way my husband kisses me on the neck
  • THIS LIST!!!

Add to it below, what makes YOU smile?

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