Earlier this week, Keith posted a cryptic message on his social media pages that sent everyone into a frenzy. It seems everyone got distracted by Halloween but that's over now and all the attention is back on Keith's post. What does it mean?!

This is the cryptic message Keith posted without any explanation whatsoever.

Fans and internet sleuths went into overdrive trying to figure it out. Does this mean new music is on the way? Could Keith be releasing a new single soon?

The answer would usually be an obvious yes but the date in question also happens to be the CMA Awards. Keith is a big nominee that night. Does this post mean he will be giving a special performance? Could it mean he is being honored by the country music family? Was he tipped off and this is the night he takes home the trophy for Entertainer Of The Year?

Keith has already confirmed he will be performing at the ceremony. Does this cryptic message mean he will be performing with someone else? Does it mean he will debuting a new song live for the first time? This would be the most likely choice but the fact that the date in question falls on the same night as the CMA Awards means anything can happen.

Last year, Keith performed Blue Ain't Your Color. The tune is nominated for Single & Song Of The Year at this year's show but since he has already performed it, chances are he will be singing something else.

I have questions. Thankfully, it looks like we will have answers soon enough!

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