I'm not going to lie, we have some pretty interesting things we eat up North. I recently came across a map of weird foods in every state including interesting picks for Minnesota & Wisconsin.

While looking at the map, some states surprised me. Apparently in Montana the weirdest food is pasties. I find that odd because my mom makes them all the time and I don't find them weird at all. Then in Iowa, their weirdest food is walking tacos? Have they not been to a birthday party or a street dance. How is that the weirdest food they have?

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Then you have places like Nebraska who have the hot beef sundae. Not even going to ask about that one. In Tennessee you'll find the slugburger. Nevada has cotton candy burritos and Oregon has gooseneck barnacles. I'm not sure if I want to continue down this road.


Before we get a little too weird, let's talk about Minnesota's weirdest food. According to the map found on Twitter from Terrible Maps, it is a Pickle Dog. So what exactly is a Pickle Dog? The Pickle Dog can normally be found at the Minnesota State Fair and is Pastrami and cream cheese wrapped around a pickle spear.

That's not weird at all. The creators of this map clearly have not been to a Minnesota family get together. My family called them pigs in a blanket and used corned beef and cream cheese wrapped around a pickle spear. I've seen other Minnesotans use ham as their meat and call it "Minnesota sushi".

I feel like there are a lot of other weird foods that could have taken the top spot. I'm shocked that lutefisk didn't get the top spot. Lye-soaked fish? Hard pass from this guy.




Let's travel across state lines and check out Wisconsin's weirdest food. The Butter Burger? Seriously, have they never been to a Culver's? How did the Butter Burger get rated as the weirdest food in the Dairy State?

I feel like for some reason, State Fairs always try to top themselves with what weird foods they can do. The lineup at this years Wisconsin State Fair is no different. From edible bugs to footlong cheese curds, I think the Gummy Bear Brat takes the cake for weird foods:

Wisconsin State Fair
Wisconsin State Fair


This may be the first food post that doesn't have my mouth watering. I will say that I think the map got both Minnesota and Wisconsin wrong. However, it was a fun map to look at. Check out the map below to see the apparently weirdest food from each state:

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